Carlos Hoz de Vila

Carlos Hoz de Vila is a native born Bolivian who came to the United Sates 30 years ago. He is an entrepreneur for over 23 years and maintains success in several different industries. He is Condor
Holdings LLC Chairman and CEO. Condor Holdings LLC is the umbrella company of Mr. Hoz de Vila’s other enterprises to include retail franchises of new vehicles, Industrial Manufacturing and Entertainment.

Carlos’s success was recognized by a significant number of awards to include the most profitable single dealership in the country, highest customer satisfaction ratings, Board of Excellence, Diamond Board of Excellence to mention just a few. Carlos is also a sitting board member of the Lexus/Toyota Minority Council, AFIT (Automotive Dealers for Free International Trade), and Chrysler Dealer Council.

Carlos ‘achievements ultimately brought him to a time in his life where he sought to give something backto society. So, in 1997 he founded the Millennium foundation, a non-profit organization in Bolivia. This foundation fully supports a center for abandoned children and a rehabilitation center for disadvantaged children, children with special needs, and children from low-income families. In 2007, Carlos expanded the Millennium Foundation to the United States. His vision was for every child in Latin America toobtain their full potential to include intellectual achievements and spirituality in order to become citizens committed to their community and contributes to society.

Omar Zambrana was born in Cochabamba, Bolivia. He came to the United States 23 years ago on a Soccer Scholarship to Indiana Purdue University in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Omar graduated with an AA in Architecture, a Bachelors degree in Business Administration, and a post Graduate Certificate in International Business Management from Georgetown University.

As a young man, Omar was marked by an experience with a homeless child in his native Cochabamba. At that time he realized how blessed he was and promised not to ever forget the less fortunate and neglected children. He has volunteered in Fairfax County Big Brother Program and Catholic Church Youth Minister Programs.

Omar started his professional career as a Budget Analyst and then a Financial Analyst at Inova Fairfax Hospital, part of the largest Health Systems in Northern Virginia. Over the years he has worked his way up and currently is working as an Asset Manager for REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) Management and Resource in Washington, D.C.

Throughout the years with the help of his family and friends Omar has supported a handful of projects in Cochabamba, Bolivia. He has been part of Project Zapatitos and Centro para sordomudos (Center for deaf and mute children). In 2007, sharing common visions and goals, Omar and Carlos teamed up to realize their dreams and take their projects to the next level. They co-founded Millennium Foundation.

Omar believes that all of us have been given a gift to be able to share and that in the end all it matters is what we have done to empower others.

Carlos Laguna studied economics at the University of San Simone in Cochabamba, Bolivia and, later at the Universadade Federal do Para in Belem, Brazil.

Mr. Laguna began his career as a journalist, working for the Diario do Para (The Para Daily) in Brazil before returning to Bolivia in the 90’s to begin his own newspaper, Primeramano. In founding Primeramano, Mr. Laguna combined his interest in journalism with economics, focusing this weekly publication on facilitating economic growth in Bolivia by offering no-cost and low-cost advertisements and classifieds for Primeramano readers.

When Mr. Laguna moved to the United States, he founded The Leader’s Voice monthly news magazine, an innovative approach to analyzing important political issues by inviting the leaders of both sides of a given issue to personally write articles explaining
their positions on the issues and advocating their positions.

For the last ten years, Mr. Laguna has been working in real estate development.

Mr. Laguna was pleased to join the Board of Directors of Millennium Foundation in 2008 and to have the opportunity to work with Millennium as it seeks to support and encourage needy children in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Leslie Drpic was born and educated in Bolivia, South America. She studied at
Univalle University and graduated with a degree in Psychology. Leslie also was
part of the Dolphins swim team where she swam competitively.

Leslie did her internship at the Millennium Foundation in Bolivia, South America
where she evaluated the children and applied therapy. She utilized her training
after graduation working with children. Still today helping children is her passion.

In 2007 Leslie moved to the US and settled in Los Angeles, California where she
was the Coordinator of the Christian Music School. She then taught Spanish al
Monarch Christian School (Elementary School).

Leslie achieved great professional and personal successes which lead her
to the Millennium Foundation in 2012. Her dedication to children along with
her education, hands on training and professional behavior brought her to the
position of treasurer of the Millennium Foundation.